Who, Me?

arathi menon. bombay. this cat-dragon-dragonfly-dog-beetle-bear lover wanted to write stories about creatures. so here they are, a small universe of non-humans, large and small. each learning an urban lesson, one story at a time. many thanks to vikram seth, his beastly tales have an echo in the title.

7 thoughts on “Who, Me?

  1. hey arathi,
    great stuff… second time i’ve come by and enjoy reading the stories. love the sarcasm / irony or whatever the right word is the seems to flow freely 😀

  2. The stories are real good……has great shades of Jean Renoir’s flash stories of animals and human personalities…Read them … You will find your kindred spirit…

  3. Dear arathi..I have read your books…and in reference to leaving home half fridge..I thought if I could touch base with you..I wrote an email on that book’s email id however I couldn’t get your personal id…it would be great if you could revert on connect.sudha.me@gmail.com
    I am sudha here and live in mumbai itself.
    Rgds sudha

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